Sportif Judo is a provider of judo services and the company operates in three main areas.


The positive development of people through judo will always be the number one priority of Sportif Judo. Our aim is to create a friendly, positive environment for people to learn judo and ultimately to create confident, respectful and skilful judo players.

To put it very simply Sportif Judo exists to bring the very best out in people to help them to reach or even surpass their potential.

‘Judo Builds People’ founder of judo Dr Jigoro Kano


Sportif Judo is committed to the evolution and development of judo. Sportif has clubs in Scotland, England and Sweden.
The company event manages coaching workshops and seminars, tournaments and training camps including the Sportif International which is the biggest International event for cadets and Juniors in the United Kingdom attracting teams from around the World.


Sportif Judo provide coach training and education for National Governing bodies around the World. The company also delivers workshops and seminars on behalf of the Olympic Solidarity Programme, European Judo Union and International Judo Federation.

A word from the President of Sportif Judo

Dr George Kerr

‘Sportif Judo is a unique organization truly committed to the development and promotion of judo at every level. The professionalism and commitment from the Directors and staff members is second to none, but it is the commitment to developing people as individuals that I find special.‘

There are few better examples of Kano’s ‘Judo Builds People’ philosophy being practised anywhere in the World than at Sportif Judo.

Dr George Kerr CBE 10th Dan

President British Judo & Sportif Judo