Author: Bryony Sportif

Judo4Rugby Jamie Ritchie - Scotland & Edinburgh Rugby - Sportif Judo Fantastic to see Jamie as a regular fixture in the Scottish Team in the recent Autumn fixtures. Jamie, a former member of Sportif Judo & British Champion, is the face of Sportif's Judo4Rugby programme. Jamie had this to say about the role judo has played in his development as an International rugby player. Jamie says: Judo taught me that skill and technique is just as important as strength and size. It gave me a work ethic that I have carried into my rugby

Sportif Winter Camp 2018 This year Sportif introduced a new Winter Training Camp in Edinburgh. The venue for the camp was perfect, literally on the door step of the Queens Park in heart of the City. The camp was intense and was designed to challenge players and young athletes both on and off the mat. Mat sessions where both technical and randori based and we were joined by guest coach Taka Kithara. For those who know Edinburgh and know the Queens Park you will know it’s a wild and rugged area built

FIJ-Sportif – First Year FIJ and Sportif Judo celebrate their first year of partnership, and what a year it has been. Under the guidance of Head Coach Glynn Fidgeon FIJ-Sportif has established new clubs in England and built a successful Talent Programme which has already produced a string of positive results including 9 medals at the BJC British Championships. With a solid platform in place and with exciting plans developing the FIJ-Sportif partnership, the future is bright.